The role of the kinesiologist is to transmit information located in cellular memory and bring it to the  consciousness. The kinesiologist's tool is the muscle test. This test escapes the mind and allows us to trace the origin of stress. Indeed, the body remembers everything it has experienced while the mind makes a selection of events. Kinesiology makes it possible to free this muscle memory by becoming aware of certain events that happened to us and in this way release behaviors which seem difficult to manage.

How it all started

1960, Georges Goodheart, an American chiropractor has developped, from Western and Chinese medicines, a system called Applied Kinesiology: A direct relationship between a state of stress and muscle weakness. He also discovered the relationship between muscles and their corresponding meridians and how we can determine the energy state of a meridian through a muscle test.

John Thie has popularized these discoveries to make it accessible to everyone.

What to expect from a session

A session usually lasts 60 min. The Kinesiologist works on your daily stresses that may seem out of your control. Using the muscle testand other similar techniques, the therapist emphases on how past events blocked in the cellular memory are linked to current psycological or physical body disorders. Stress causes momentary muscle weaknesses that can disrupt your long term well-being.

Florence works with respect. She promises a professional confidentiality trough all sessions.

Who kinesiology is for

Kinesiology is for everyone; Adults, children and Babies. Whether in the academic, personal, professional, athletic or artistic area, when the behavior escapes the will. Kinesiology helps in any problem that prevents a harmonious life.

Following issues can be treated with kinesiology

Attention disorders

Difficulties to learn


Behaviour issues

Difficulty to fall asleep


Difficulty expressing emotions


Lack of confidence

Mood swings

Weight loss or weight gain



Relationships with others

Physical pain


Fear and phobias


Memory loss

Self image

Eating disorders


Lack of concentration

Menstrual problems (pain, irregularity)

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