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Benefits of yoga at work

Florence moves to your business in Barcelona to bring you your dose of well-being. Classes can also be given by Zoom.

The benefits of yoga in companies can be seen on a physical, psychological and emotional level. Through breathing exercises, called Pranayamas in Sanskrit, employees learn to react with much more serenity to stress. They are less overwhelmed by their emotions. Regular yoga practice increases self-confidence, improves concentration, sleep, and improves communication with clients, colleagues, employers, etc. Employees tend to suffer from back pain due to long hours sitting in front of their screen. Back pain, will be immediately relieved thanks to the different specific postures. Staying too often in front of screens can also cause migraines. The practice, even if practiced only one hour per week, reduces migraine by rebalancing the blood, lymphatic and energetic circulation and by relaxing the muscles which tend to absorb stress.


Depending on your preferences, the class can be given in French, English or Dutch. 


Depending on the type of yoga you want to offer your employees, the lenght of the class and the number of participants, the prices are different.
Send your demand  via the contact form, Florence will respond quickly.

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