Touch For Health

Touch For Health is the most used techniques by kinesiologists. This technique is based on different muscle tests. Each muscle is linked to a meridian. If a muscle is weakened by an event or emotion, the energy linked to it will automatically be disrupted throughout the body. Touch For Health rebalances the whole body.

Wellness Kinesiology

Wellness kinesiology releases everyday stresses, phobias, works on the control of fears, releases blocked emotions, works on our responsibility for the acts we do etc. 

Core Energy

Core Energy helps to find the reasons why imbalance/stress is present in our life. Once the imbalance is opened it is followed by rebalancing techniques such as acupressure, Bach Flowers or others.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT may be used to treat physical and psychological disorders. This technique was founded by the engineer Gary Craig.  It is practiced by the stimulation of acupressure points located on the path of the meridians.

Core Kinesiology

Created by Frank Mahony, this technique identifies and relaxes the hypertonic muscles. Muscles become hypertonic due to events or emotions that settle in the memory of the muscles.



Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is an ideal discipline for preventing mental and physical illness and protects the body in general.

It inevitably develops a sense of autonomy and self-confidence. 

Touching on all aspects of life and not just the physical body as we tend to believe, the practitioner will notice changes in the way he thinks and acts. 

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